Experience and Advancement


Experience will be earned for every session one attends. It is divided into two categories, Mortal and Exalted.

Mortal experience can be spent on any part of your character that Unenlightened Mortals possess. This includes Attributes, Abilities, Specialties, Backgrounds, Willpower, and Virtues.

Exalted experience can be spent on any part of your character.

Generally, experience will be rewarded on a 2:3 ratio every session, with the ratio alternating with every session, resulting in an equal amount of Exalted and Mortal experience rewarded.

Exalted experience will also be rewarded for contributing to the overall lore of the game through the addition of custom organizations, people, and other items that add to the fun of the game.

Experience Costs

Experience costs are the same as those listed for your particular splat, with the exception of Charms.

Charms cost an amount of Exalted experience equal to (Charm’s Minimum Essence x 3) for Favored or Aspect Abilities and (Charm’s Minimum Essence x 4) for Nonfavored Abilities.

Sorcery and Necromancy have a cost equal to their initiation charm, though the first purchase of the initiation charm grants that Circle’s Countermagic for free.

Thaumaturgy Rituals cost 2 experience each. Thaumaturgy Degrees cost 6 experience and give you 6 rituals; further rituals covered by that degree have a reduced cost of 1 experience to purchase.


Training times are taken seriously and Martial Arts, Sorcery, and Necromancy all require tutors in order to be advanced. Tutors for Martial Arts are generally bought as Sifus at character creation. Tutors for Sorcery and Necromancy are a combination of Backing and Influence within an Academy. Obtaining spells later on may require adventures in and of themselves.

Experience and Advancement

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