Character Creation

Character creation will not utilize the default creation method. Instead, you will be given an amount of experience that will depend upon your splat. You will then spend this experience as per the normal rules for character advancement.

Character creation experience will be divided into four categories: Attribute; Ability; Charm; Miscellaneous.

Attribute, Ability, and Charm experience must be spent on their respective fields. For this purpose, Charm experience may be spent on any thing that requires an Essence rating of 2 or higher, including Astrology. Miscellaneous experience may be spent on anything, including Willpower, Virtues, Backgrounds, Specialties, etc.

Background Restrictions

The following are forbidden at character creation:
Artifacts 4 and 5
Manse 3, 4, and 5
Militarized Followers

Further, Backgrounds cost 3 xp per dot.

General Experience

Willpower starts at 5 and may be raised with experience from the Miscellaneous category.

Essence starts at 2, this cannot be bought up with experience

Specialties work differently. With the purchase of your 2nd-5th dot in an Ability, you get a free Specialty in that Ability. Specialties should actually be specialized. Melee – Duels or Melee – Vs Fae would be acceptable. Melee – Sword would not be. Specialties can never give more than a +3 bonus, but you may have more Ability – Specialties than 3 dots.

Liege, representing your station in the Order of the Shining Path and the resources that are available to you due to his, starts at 1. This cannot be bought up with experience.

Virtues all start at 1 and may be bought up with Miscellaneous and Attribute experience.

Dragonblood Experience

Attribute – 110
Ability – 55
Charm – 40
Miscellaneous – 40

Aspect and Favored Abilities start with their first dot for free.

Godblood Experience

Attribute – 110
Ability – 55
Charm – 20
Miscellaneous – 40
Mutations – 20

You may purchase Inheritance like a normal background, all experience you gain from this background must be spent on Mutations. This background is limited to 3 dots.

Choose five more Favored Abilities an receive your first dot free in each Favored Ability (for a total of 6). After you do this, treat those five chosen Abilities as Unfavored. Sorry, the wording on this is a little weird.

Other Splats Experience

If we discussed you being a different splat than Dragonblood or Godblood, please email me for specifics.

Character Creation

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