House Rules

This is a compendium of the house rules that will be utilized in this campaign. Most of these rules can be found in various pages of this wiki, but are organized here for clarity’s sake.

Character Creation utilizes pure experience instead of the default character creation. Please consult the Character Creation page for more details.

Charm Costs are altered. Instead of a flat cost, they are Essence requirement dependent. 3x Minimum Essence for Favored/Aspect and 4x Minimum Essence for other charms. This includes Sorcery and Necromancy. Please consult the Experience and Advancement page for more details

Essence is raised by ST-fiat and does not require experience expenditure or training on the part of the player characters.

Experience is divided into Exalted and Mortal experience. Please consult the Experience and Advancement page for more details.

Initiation Charms for Sorcery and Necromancy when first purchased grant a spell of your choice as well as the Countermagic spell for that circle.

Specialties are gained through increasing your abilities. With the purchase of your 2nd-5th dot in an Ability, you get a free Specialty in that Ability. Specialties should actually be specialized. Melee – Duels or Melee – Vs Fae would be acceptable. Melee – Sword would not be. Specialties can never give more than a +3 bonus, but you may have more Ability – Specialties than 3 dots.

Thaumaturgy Rituals cost 2 experience each. Thaumaturgy Degrees cost 6 experience and give you 6 rituals; further rituals covered by that degree have a reduced cost of 1 experience to purchase.

House Rules

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