Rise of the Blood

Welcome to the campaign Rise of the Blood. We will be utilizing Exalted 2.5 rules and setting material, with a hefty dose of custom bits and pieces.

For the past seven centuries, Creation has survived, bruised and battered though it may be. Now, rumors abound that the lost Solars have returned to Creation, though this news is met only with horror and trepidation by many. Even in the shining city of Whitewall the stories of the returned Solars is not met with the jubilation one might expect. For change is rarely welcomed with open arms by those in power.

The city, far though it may be from the dark forces of Thorns, is beset on all sides by the forces of chaos and destruction. Our story focuses on the exploits of the newest members of the Order of the Shining Path, the elite defenders of the city’s way of life. Zealous defenders of Whitewall, who work tirelessly to prevent the light of the North from falling to the forces of the Wyld, the Underworld, and Malfeas.

Please note that there are still a few more pages of content that will be added over the next week. The past few days have been quite a bit busier than I expected them to be and I’ve gotten behind.

Rise of the Blood

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