In the past, a lot of people have picked a Motivation that is absolutely unreachable any time soon. I understand the reasoning behind it, but I’ve implemented a few changes to make Motivation a more accessible item.

At character generation, you pick an Over-Arching Motivation. This would be the unreachable goal that so many people pick. “Cleanse Creation of the influence of the Underworld”, “Take down the Guild”, “Create a Raksha Court that is allied with Whitewall”. This should be the defining goal of your character, his or her dream and what she finds purpose in.

From this motivation, you pick your Conviction in sub-motivations. These sub-motivations are aligned with your Motivation and can either be definite steps toward attaining your goal or side projects that are related to it. These should be attainable, or nearly so, at your power-level and expected to be fulfilled within 15 sessions or so.

Sub-motivations and your true Motivation all count as Motivations per mechanics in terms of bonuses and the like.


Rise of the Blood Seconis